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The mission of Inka Llacta, the Inca city under construction, is to provide rural Andean populations with a sustainable development program based on their own culture, by  creating an  Archeosite  available for them in their area.

The objectives of the sustainable development program are:

1 - To continuously improve our knowledge about the Inca culture in history, architecture, gastronomy, handcrafts, agriculture ... through theoretical and practical research within the Inka Llacta Archeosite and through the reconstitution of elements of the Inca nobility and its people‘s everyday and extraordinary life.
2 - To develop a proactive and responsible tourism that would benefit to the entire area (by creating new commercial needs for instance) and that would be structured according to its imperatives.
3 - To create a research and documentation center with a database about the Inca culture as well as about all the topics that can be related to a sustainable development in the region : renewable energies, native biodiversity, reforestation with native elements, waste treatment  ...
4 - To participate in the writing of books that are to be adapted into film as a double trilogy of fictions based on historical facts about the Inca culture, in order to focus the attention of professionals in various arts and of the general public on the great adventure that is the Inca Empire’s creation, on its technological and cultural levels, and on all the verifiable information’s sources that are existing.

5- To comply with the expectations of the population of various villages from the Anta valley who wish to not be excluded from the benefices given by the inflow of visitors, and also wish to be part of new alternative ideas, by offering them a well-founded program on the themes of distinctive, cultural and research-based tourism.