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Creators and founders

 What is the project’s team made up of?

 Guy Vanackeren, the association’s President, and his wife Carine, are surrounded with a management committee, a culture and art committee , but also with guides and organizers, builders (masons, carpenters, adobes preparers etc), farmers, artisans, artists (actors, actresses, dancers, singers, choreographers, acrobats etc), designers and related traders (painters), weavers and others.

These teams are made up of people related to the project either on the long term or casually, and either as volunteers or as employees.

 Description of the President’s carrer :

 Mr. Vanackeren is Belgian, half-breed, and has a twenty years experience of Peru, where he is leaving most of the time (about ten months a year).

He is a travel agent, an official guide to Peru, and has a wide experience in tourism management in the country, either for groups or for individuals. He has a good knowledge of the Inca history and of the various tourist sites, either archaeological or other, and either related to Incas or to Peru. What regards the humanitarian response to social issues in rural areas, he has been working for over 10 years in an NGO called CEIPAL with "comedores populares" (battered and / or abandoned women's committees such as "voz de la mujer”)

He has been in touch with agronomists, historians, archaeologists, travel agents, guides, tour operators, travelers and tourists, universities (presidents, teachers, students), museums, artists (actors, authors / composers, performers), artisans (ceramists, jewelers, weavers), Andean rural communities and some local authorities.

He was directly involved in the production of:

- The culinary concept called “the Novoinka cuisine” ®, that he and his team have been studying for over 10 years in the frame of an Archeosite restaurant called “Inkanato”®.

- Two CDs with 30 songs and music pieces performed only with instruments of the Inca period, and only in Runa Simi (the Quechua language).

He also has written and published books such as "Peru, the Empire of the Sun and of the moon ..." in two volumes; and geographic tourist maps that mention the Inka Llacta Archeosite.