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Where can I find Inka Llacta ?


The Inka Llacta Archeosite is located west of the imperial city of Cusco at an approximate distance of 45km in the Valley of Anta, in Peru (Google Earth data: 13 ° 27'33 .60 " 'S 72 ° 18'46 .77''W). The site depends from the municipal jurisdiction of Ancahuasi.

Can I come and visit inka Llacta when I want and without contacting them?


No, You have to contact us before you arrive, as Inka Llacta is visited with guides and is open only with appointments for the moment

What is an Archeosite ?


An archeosite is a place where all the elements of an period and a cultures are being recreated and reconstituted.

Inka Llacta® is an arqueosite ? 

Yes, but it also aims at studying more and more the Inca culture through the reconstitution of the daily life of the Inca nobility.

Is Inka Llacta a public project ?

 Inka Llacta® is a private project. Fot the moment it is not financed or helped by any official institution.

Where do the project’s financiation come from ?

The funds come from the foundators, and from private donations (including the donations of the visitors) of the members and friends. It is currently looking for sources of financiation, sponsors, patrons, universities…

What are the bases of the Association ?

You can find more info in our part « Bases and sources »